10 Anime You Never Knew Were Created Just To Advertise Products

It’s no secret that companies around the world know how influential anime can be. They jump at the chance to collaborate with an animation studio and a television company, promoting their products with short but colorful and fun presentations.

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Marketing with anime has become more popular over the years, with Japanese companies and even Asian companies creating multi-episode “anime-style” ads to sell their various goods and services. It’s a smart business decision to use an eye-catching aesthetic to appeal to a larger audience. And in the age of social media, words travel fast. Anime well known as A play, The attack of the Titans, and Gintama have collaborated to advertise drinks, sporting events and even razors. But there are some anime-style commercials and promotion work that even seasoned fans might not be familiar with.

ten A promising animation studio has collaborated with a large video game company (Puzzles & Dragons)

The picture features the characters from the Puzzles & Dragons anime

No one would expect Studio Colorido, the animation studio behind titles like Burn the witch and Star Wars: Visions, to be the origin of the animation of a popular mobile game.

Japanese video game company GungHo Online Entertainment has collaborated with the animation studio for two 37-second animes to promote one of their most famous games: Puzzles & Dragons. In one of the ads, a group of high school students gather to play the game on their cell phones. This is associated with some colorful and chaotic scenes with patterns related to the game. Puzzles & Dragons was released in 2013 and surpassed 50 million downloads worldwide.

9 Scratch X One Piece Collaboration Gives Fans the Best of Both Worlds

Image features Luffy, Sanji, Nami, and Zoro from One Piece in the Scratch Lottery anime

Japanese companies have found many unique ways to promote their products, and one of them is by using the most popular anime. In 2016, Takarakuji, the Japanese lottery system, partnered with A play to promote their new scratch cards.

The 15-second anime played in tandem with the One piece: gold movie released in July 2016. Of course, Straw Hat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy rushes to find a stall on the island where people play with the new scratch cards. His enthusiasm is infectious as he learns more about the lottery, which Takarakuji relied on when creating this promotional anime.

8 Studio Ghibli refreshes viewers with iced tea (Umacha)

Image features characters from the Umacha anime drinking Asahi Beverage Company iced tea

Savvy Studio Ghibli fans will likely remember this Umacha, a two-part anime from the early 2000s. The studio behind famous films like Abducted as if by magic and Howl’s moving castle published this short series in partnership with Asahi Beverage Company.

Umachathe animation style of is a more sketchy storyboard version similar to their 1999 film My neighbors the Yamadas. In typical Studio Ghibli fashion, both episodes are light as everyday adults live their lives while enjoying Asahi Beverage Company iced tea.

7 Love Live! And the promotion of Watering KissMint featured the first year of μ’s beloved Tsundere

Image features Maki Nishikino from Love Live!  eat Watering KissMint gum

Love Live! fans (especially Maki Nishikino fans) are probably the only ones who remember this 15-second promotional “anime”. The collaboration started as a project with famous food company Glico in 2015. Fans voted on which μ character would be Glico’s new country girl, and the tsundere who plays the piano was chosen.

To the tune of μ’s single “Angelic Angel”, the short featured Maki dancing in various costumes while chewing on Glico’s new gum, “Watering KissMint”. The gum was available in multiple flavors while the packaging featured subgroups of μ in their angelic angel costumes from the Love Live! movie.

6 Tottori U-Turn encourages young people to look for work

Pictures feature the Tottori U-turn swimmer

There is no shortage of weird animes created by Japan, and Tottori U-turn is on the lighter side. There is very little information about this 30-second anime, and Tottori Prefecture is believed to be its creator.

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This is a swimmer who leaves Tottori University to compete professionally, but has a last minute change of mind and turns around to go home to find a job. It is nevertheless a strange marketing tactic, but it is not known if it was necessary. After all, Tottori was already attracting tourists after the previous release of To free! Iwatobi Swimming Club, which takes place in the same prefecture.

5 Kyoto Animation brings customers with their own anime (stores you would like to visit)

The image shows the girl from Kyoto Animation: Ikitaku Naru Omise-hen sleeping on the train and visiting the mysterious shop

Kyoto Animation has a way of showcasing its breathtaking and unique art style. They delivered with their 30 second anime Stores you would like to visit.

The anime premiered in July 2012, featuring an unnamed girl as she disembarks from a mechanical plane. She travels through a field and discovers a mysterious shop in what looked like an abandoned building. The anime was intended to advertise the Kyoto Animation gift shop. They sell various products such as animation cels, key chains and other items related to their many popular anime.

4 The Taisei Kensetsu series presents the most breathtaking landscapes

The image features the main character of the series Taisei Kensatsu

Another prominent company that uses anime to promote themselves is Taisei, a Japanese construction company. They have used 30-second “animes” to advertise their services since the early 2010s, and their construction projects can be seen in different parts of Asia.

Their most recent project was Taisei Kensetsu: Singapore, another anime promotion released in 2018. Taisei built the Thomson-East Coast Line, a subway system that connected the Thomson and East-Coast lines. The beautiful and dreamy images are reminiscent of other Makoto Shinkai films.

3 Road To You – There is nothing more romantic than tires

The image presents the characters of Road to You

The short but sweet anthology anime Road to you has as much drama as a standard length series. But what fans may not know is that the three-part ONA series was meant to serve as an advertisement for a tire company.

Dunlop Tires Japan collaborated with Sunrise to create the Road to you series in 2017, with a new episode coming out every year. Each episode focuses on the relationships between childhood friends, family members and coworkers. They all have relevant storylines that anyone can enjoy, leaving the viewer feeling hot and hazy… and maybe wanting to buy Dunlop tires.

2 Anime commemorates 100th anniversary of famous company (with love that lasts a lifetime)

Image features young mother from Love That Lasts a Lifetime

With Love That Lasts a Lifetime is a particularly “sweet” way to advertise caramel candy. Lait Morinaga has partnered with Detroit Metal City‘s Studio 4 ° C to create a 2 minute “movie” to celebrate their 100th anniversary.

The 2013 anime centers on a young housewife jumping between chores and tending to her crying baby. She notices an open tin of Morinaga toffees and one of the toffees floating closer to her. The young woman remembers her childhood and how her mother offered her caramels to calm her down.

1 Instant noodles and romantic misdirection make the perfect combination (Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War)

Image features Miyuki Shirogane from Kaguya-sama: Love is War eating Nissin Cup noodles

He Wei Dao instant noodle company has a habit of advertising its products through lively collaborations. They have worked with a few famous titles such as Gintama, Re: Zero, and Sword art online.

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In 2020, He Wei Dao partnered with A-1 Pictures, spawning a two-part OVA series featuring characters from the famous anime, Kaguya-sama: Love is war. The anime was a huge hit in 2019, covering massive social media attention through hilarious memes and addicting dance sequences. It’s a mystery that no one knows about such a collaboration given its popularity.

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