A man from Geronimo recounts the night of a house fire


GERONIMO, Oklahoma (KSWO) – The owner of an abandoned house that burned down in Geronimo earlier this week shares his memories of that night.

The house is located directly behind where Walter Chandler lives.

He said he and his wife were watching the 10 a.m. news the moment he heard a pop that sounded like a firecracker.

About five minutes later, after hearing what he thought was a firecracker, Chandler heard what sounded like a roar.

“I got up and walked over to the back door, and the whole back yard was orange like the sun was setting over us. I looked at this old house behind me, and it was just engulfed in flames, ”Chandler said.

Chandler was worried his house would catch on fire, so he got everyone out.

The siding of his house where he lives eventually suffered heat damage.

“I could see my house was starting to smoke a bit. I was going to put water on it, but there was no way, ”Chandler said.

A neighbor next door said the house has been in place since they moved to the area in the 1950s. She hates it burning down.

“It seems really sad to me. One day my little great-granddaughter noticed the house and I told her they were going to fix it or tear it down or something. She said, “Oh no, not this house, it’s just the perfect house for us to look at.” And she was just a third grader, but it was important even to her that it was her, ”said Roberta Curtsinger.

Ever since Chandler became the owner, he has slowly demolished the house and used the lumber in it, because lumber prices are so high now.

But, he didn’t expect it to end like it is now.

He thinks someone may have caused the fire.

“It occurs to me because there was no power. He stayed here all these years. There’s something in my mind that says it was, but it’s hard to say, ”Chandler said.

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