AGR Roofing & Construction is working with residents of Lincoln, NE to meet the April 12 hail insurance claim deadline

Lincoln Nebraska was hit by a hailstorm on April 12, 2020. AGR Roofing & Construction is working with residents to help them meet the impending deadline for insurance claims for hail damage from this storm. The deadline for insurance claims following Storm Lincoln Hail is April 12, 2022.

Lincoln, NE March 25, 2022 — ( — The deadline for homeowners affected by the April 12, 2020 hailstorm in Lincoln, Nebraska is April 12, 2022.

AGR Roofing & Construction is working to ensure homeowners affected by this storm are aware of the April 12 deadline to make an insurance claim. Most insurance companies will not approve claims from this storm after the April 12 deadline. For many affected owners, initial claims were denied due to the overwhelming number of claims received at the time. If a claim was originally denied, or if a claim only covered roof damage and not window or siding damage, there is still time to submit a claim to have those repairs covered by insurance. .

Hail damage can seriously affect the integrity of residential roofs, sometimes the effects are not noticed right after a storm by homeowners, insurance companies do not pay claims for older hail damage , even if hail damage is the cause of a leak. It is important to get a roof inspection to make sure no damage has occurred during this storm.

The cities hardest hit by the Lincoln hailstorm were Lincoln, NE and Roca, NE, but the storm’s path went north and south of those cities. Hail damage can be difficult to notice, showing up as small darker circular marks on asphalt shingles. Another indicator that would be noticeable now is the buildup of asphalt shingle granules in the gutters. For impacted wood shingle tiles, small chips will accumulate in the gutters.

“We have seen many homes with window damage that was not addressed on an initial insurance claim for this hailstorm because it was not mentioned in the roof inspection report. originally, but as it’s been nearly two years since the storm, homeowners are starting to notice the impact of the damage to their windows. We’ve been successful in getting these insurance claims approved, for services like roofing, it It’s important to get a second opinion.” Bryan Brown, Project Manager at AGR Roofing & Construction.

In order to meet the deadline of April 12, 2022, it is important to schedule a roof inspection as soon as possible. When planning a roof inspection for hail damage, it is essential that the inspection also includes checking for hail damage to windows and siding.

AGR Roofing & Construction encourages homeowners to schedule an inspection to meet the insurance deadline. Any reputable roofing company offers all inspections free of charge and also offers assistance with insurance claims. Be sure to ask the roof inspector about these services before proceeding.

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