Bank, cash loan and economic symbiosis

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Bank, cash loan and economic symbiosis, what can combine all these elements? Can they really be combined or is it just a slogan that has no cover in real life? Of course, this is not a slogan, empty words or a strange invention, it is a wording that is most reflected in reality.

This reflection is based on the close relationship


Between banking institutions, cash loans and, of course, the formulation of economic symbiosis, which may not be so simple to explain, but I will not look at the above-mentioned elements in a moment.

However, we must first answer the basic question, and the question is, is there a cash loan? In these types of questions it is best to give a simple and clear answer, we will also use it at this point.

We will call cash loans any loan that will be paid to us, i.e. potential borrowers only in cash, hence the loan has such a name, i.e. cash loan. In other words, the money here and now goes to our hands, and after leaving the banks we can go to a place where we can start to implement our plans, dreams and specific goals and intentions. This is a simplified formula explaining the concept of a cash loan.

Now let’s consider this economic symbiosis


As we guess, symbiosis is a type of reaction in which both sides benefit. We also have one side here, which is the bank, and we also have the other side, which is the borrower. Banks profit because by granting cash loans they grant them at a percentage, they also earn money easily in loans.

On the other hand, borrowers gain because they receive additional money from the granted cash loan, thanks to the money they receive, they can realize themselves through activities that they would not be able to implement for certain, if it wasn’t for the extra money from the cash loan.

Now we can see very clearly that banking institutions and borrowers together create a kind of economic symbiosis which was mentioned at the very beginning. It is a real fact that is materializing before our eyes.

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