BBI Services offers an exceptional masterclass from construction to production

BBI Services brought together senior leaders from across the built environment in North Wales for its Build to Production masterclass.

Held in partnership with Toyota at its world-class engine plant in Deeside, this exclusive event was organized in conjunction with the manufacturer’s renowned Lean Management Centre.

The day was hosted by BBI Services and is a hands-on experience and offers expert access to the Toyota factory, where delegates see first-hand how the manufacturing industry works day-to-day to deliver on time.

Additional sessions on quality management, productivity improvement, safety and strategy deployment were delivered, and Toyota’s way of working was also demonstrated to show the importance of why the development of people and teams must be associated with the optimization of processes and the improvement of performance.

Andy Alder, Vice President of Major Projects at Jacobs and Program Manager at Tideway, attended the last session, he said: “For many years the construction industry has been invited to learn from the industry. manufacturing.

“This visit highlighted many important lessons that could easily be taken and applied to the construction industry, especially for linear projects or repetitive activities.

“I think civil engineers should take this learning into consideration and think about how they can apply it to their work, as this is an incredibly beneficial and insightful masterclass.

“Ultimately, the more efficient we are, the better able we are to deliver more of the infrastructure that society needs, and learning about manufacturing can help us do that.”

Mark Worrall, CEO of BBI Services, said: “The construction industry has been facing a host of challenges lately, including skills shortages, low productivity, building safety, meeting net zero targets , etc.

“At BBI Services, we believe that bringing together a mix of best practices from other industries is one of the most powerful ways to learn from those who do it right the first time. We are thrilled with the mix of attendees ranging from customers, from program and engineering consultants to contractors, it really demonstrates the interest and desire for change across the industry.

“Toyota’s Lean Management Center and Production System are highly respected around the world for their quality, efficiency and continuous improvement. We are extremely proud to be able to partner with Toyota and provide a great example of how their manufacturing processes can be applied to the construction industry.

“Our masterclass is helping senior executives from some of the UK’s biggest construction companies see firsthand what Toyota is doing in terms of manufacturing and how strongly they involve people in their approach. This means they can then apply these practices within their own company to drive performance improvement.

“This session is part of an ongoing series of masterclasses that we have developed in partnership with Toyota and further dates are planned throughout 2022. We are determined to continue to inspire and help businesses increase the value, reduce waste, improve quality, transform their internal cultures and perform better.”

As a team of business improvement specialists, BBI Services can help organizations in the built environment achieve better profitability, operational and organizational excellence by refining processes, improving performance and empowering people. at all levels of an organization.

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