Bitgert announced its V2 roadmap with many Web 3 products

by Analytics Insight

April 2, 2022

The Web3 Geo DataMap is one of the products that the Bitgert team is building.

Bitgert (BRISE) is listed as the top performing cryptocurrency in 2022. One of the things that stands out about this project is the delivery of the roadmap by the Bitgert team. In just 8 months of launch, the team delivered the first roadmap, which also included the BRC20 blockchain.

The Bitgert team recently announced the launch of the V2 roadmap, which is already exciting for the crypto community. But the most exciting thing about this roadmap is the many Web 3 products it contains. Here is more information about the Web 3 products in the Bitgert V2 roadmap.


Web3 technology is already taking the market by storm as it decentralizes access to data by cutting out the middleman. Many developments are already underway around this technology, and Bitgert is the center of it. The soon-to-be-launched Bitgert V2 roadmap features a range of upcoming Web3 products.

The Web3 Geo DataMap is one of the products that the Bitgert team is building. This is a product that will allow dApps from the Bitgert chain to access participatory maps. The Bitgert Web3 Geo DataMap also provides decentralized location services, which will be a major breakthrough in decentralized geographic data mapping.

The other exciting project is the Web3 Oracle, which is also in the Bitgert V2 roadmap. This will be one of the most important developments for the Bitgert blockchain as it will allow the chain to communicate or connect with blockchain data to the real world. The Bitgert Oracle is the web3 protocol that is expected to have the biggest impact on the chain, especially with the launch of many dApps on the Bitgert chain.


Another cryptocurrency that is doing very well is the Centcex project. Like Bitgert, the Centcex team delivered this project quickly, which is one of the reasons the project is attracting investors. Centcex’s track record is one of the most exciting, not least because of the huge collection of products the team is building.

The main factor that attracts investors to the Centcex project is the type of projects the team builds. Already the Centcex exchange, which the team says will process one million transactions per second, is in the final stages of development.

The Centcex team says that they are developing an unlimited number of all high-demand crypto products. This includes dApps, staking programs, user bases, etc. Like Bitgert, Centcex is expected to see massive adoption due to the unlimited number of products in its ecosystem. The Crypto community says Centcex could compete with Bitgert on utility with its rapid product development.

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