Builders’ Merchants News – Polypipe Building Products Launches UFH Training and Support Service

The Polypipe Building Products training team has launched an on-site training and support service for underfloor heating (UFH), which has already proven to be a huge success with tradespeople and installers.

Polypipe’s new support team offers merchant customers the ability to get clear, concise advice and on-the-job training from experts in the field. The team also provides product presentation training for merchant teams across the country.

So far, Polypipe’s on-site support has been able to provide help with a range of issues, from advanced features of smart controls and wiring centers to purging primaries on a manifold system.

The team visited merchants across the country, including MKM and E. Tupling sites. James Hargreaves staff also visited Polypipe’s training center in Doncaster for product presentation training.

Training, however, is only part of what is available from the support team. They can help identify problems in systems and back them up with thermal imaging. They will also help interpret the complete design documentation to improve and speed up the installation.

Dean Asher, Technical and Customer Services Manager at Polypipe Building Products, said, “The new on-site support service has been a phenomenal success with 10/10 ratings from customers at all levels.

“Having an expert available has been great for installers and very popular with our merchant partners. floor.

“It has proven to be such a success that we hope to expand the team even further this year.”

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