Buildrite launches a pair of first domestic products at PhilConstruct 2022

Buildrite Construction Chemicals launched two “Philippine Firsts” innovations, Readycrete: Ready-Mixed Concrete in a Bag and SmartBond Flex: The First Flexible Tile Adhesive, during the just-concluded PhilConstruct 2022 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay .

UAP National Vice President, Architect Jayson Ang, UAP National President, Architect Richard Garcia, CEO and Founder of Magna Prime Chemical Technologies Inc. and Construction Chemical Specialist, Mr. Derrick Tan, presenter and face of UNTV News, honored the ribbon cutting. of Buildrite – Mr. William Thio, UAP National Treasurer Architect Richie Cucuero and Pastor Loi Gatchalian.

The launch was a watershed occasion for Magna Prime Chemical Technologies, Inc. and its flagship brands Buildrite and Sinclair Paints, as it marked the start of an annual PhilConstruct custom of introducing new cutting-edge products.

Convenient for a wide variety of construction activities, Readycrete is the first and only ready-mixed concrete in a bag in the Philippines.
With this state-of-the-art method, you can be sure that the project will have the right strength and quality of concrete.

On-site concrete mixing, which used to be the primary cause of problems with concrete, such as insufficient compressive strength, is no longer necessary for small to medium-sized projects. Readycrete, according to Buldrite, is the benchmark in any construction site project that cannot accommodate a supply of ready-mixed concrete.

According to the company, there is no requirement for delivery vehicles or aggregate storage facilities. Readycrete only requires the addition of water, so get to work!

SmartBond Flex is the first flexible tile adhesive available in the Philippines. This makes it perfect for use in the country’s growing construction industry.

Tile and substrate movement is supported by adhesive conformability, which is a common reason for tile spalling, explained Magna Prime Chemical Technologies Inc. CEO and Founder and Product Specialist construction chemicals, Mr. Derrick Tan, in an engaging sideline session. by PhilConstruc 2022.

Tan also said that when tiling, it’s important to choose an adhesive that can bend and stretch with the tiles and substrate as they grow and shrink due to temperature changes and other factors. like the people walking on it. With its ability to absorb or dampen movement, SmartBond Flex tile adhesive stays put and doesn’t fracture, he said.

Buildrite is committed to its original mission of creating a future in which the Philippines can achieve world-class standards in building chemical products and techniques by actively pursuing improvements in this area of ​​study.

Readycrete and SmartBond Flex are the latest additions to the company’s catalog, and they demonstrate an ongoing commitment to research and development as well as awareness and education on the use of high quality construction chemicals, low cost and environmentally friendly.

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