CARE Says Carpet Collection Hits California Milestone


Calgary Aggregate Recycling Inc. (CAR), a concrete, asphalt and aggregate recycling company in Calgary, Canada, received an $ 8 million grant from Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) to develop a plant C&D waste recycling facility which will be operational by 2022.

The company says the grant will be used to build a fully operational land reuse site at CAR’s current facilities. The facility will recycle contaminated and mixed soils unsuitable for use in new construction. The wet processing technology to be used at the site will be supplied by a company based in Northern Ireland CDE. The goal is to significantly reduce waste and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while improving economic recovery and long-term sustainability.

“We are privileged to work alongside Calgary Aggregate Recycling Inc. to provide the first C&D recycling system of its kind in Canada. The environmental benefits of this project are enormous: the solution will divert more than half a million tonnes of waste destined for landfill into valuable resources for the construction industry. It also eliminates the need to haul materials 350 kilometers to the landfill, saving approximately 22,567 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions in Alberta each year, ”said Adrian Convery, director of Alberta. business development at CDE. Installation is made possible thanks to ERA’s Shovel-Ready Challenge. through the Government of Alberta’s Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction Fund (TIER).

According to a press release from AUTO, by weight, contaminated soil is the largest hazardous waste stream in Alberta, with approximately 3 million metric tonnes of contaminated soil buried in Alberta each year. CAR says the soil washing technology that will be deployed at the site has been shown to be effective in reducing carbon emissions in the construction industry by diverting contaminated waste from landfills and turning it into products for reuse.

“At Calgary Aggregate, our mission is to reduce construction costs – socially, environmentally and economically,” says Travis Powell, President of Calgary Aggregate Recycling Inc. “With the support of ERA and the Government of Alberta, we are pleased to build Canada’s first construction and demolition waste recycling plant to disrupt outdated construction industry practices with cost-effective and viable solutions to position Alberta as a leader in construction sustainable and responsible.

CAR says its land reuse facility will reduce soil waste in landfills, reduce aggregate extraction, recover communities, reduce environmental impacts and create jobs. The facility will have the capacity to recycle 600,000 metric tonnes of excavated construction material each year. It will also redirect 510,000 metric tonnes of soil from landfills and reduce GHG emissions in Alberta by approximately 22,567 metric tonnes per year. The company says this equates to a 65% reduction from the basic conventional disposal model.

The greatest reduction in GHG emissions will come from the facility’s central location, eliminating the need to haul waste over 217 miles to landfills.

“Emissions Reduction Alberta’s Shovel-Ready Challenge unleashes innovation and mobilizes private spending to create economic opportunities and improve environmental performance,” said Steve MacDonald, CEO of ERA. “This investment builds on Alberta’s strengths in all sectors and realizes emission reduction ambitions.

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