Carl Pei’s Nothing “accelerates” development to launch five new products


Carl Pei left OnePlus earlier this year to start his own business called “Nothing.” Nothing announced its first product, Ear (1), in July. Headphones have been very popular because of their transparent design and different shape. Since the product announcement, Nothing has announced a partnership with Qualcomm and now in an interview with India todayNothing’s vice president and general manager Manu Sharma announced that the company is working on launching 5 new products as soon as possible.

Manu said:

“To move forward, our mission is to build for the future. We are ramping up very quickly in terms of building a product pipeline, we already have five products in development that we are ramping up to fulfill our iconic product launch mission and we are thrilled with that.

In the interview, Manu said that Ear (1) is doing “extremely well” and that India is the biggest contributor to its sales. He also claimed that Nothing has so far shipped over 180,000 ear units (1) worldwide. Unfortunately, Manu didn’t dwell on the details of upcoming products, but rumor has it that it will be smartphone accessories, such as power banks, smartwatches, fitness bracelets and more. others. There are also no plans to launch a smartphone, but the smartphone will not be introduced until next year.

There has also been no news that it has received $ 50 million in Series A expansion investments, meaning Carl Pei’s company is on track to develop even more products in the near future. If Nothing is launching new accessories in the future, what products would you like to see? Let us know in the comments section below!

Going through: Android Central

Source: India today

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