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Siding, which can also be referred to as siding, uses different types of materials to build an exterior layer over existing house walls. The coating acts as a protective layer to protect the walls of the building from the exterior elements.

Why is siding important?

Easy to maintain. Walls that have a coating are easy to maintain. You can easily clean dirt and other elements from the siding than you would on a conventional wall. Coatings are also durable compared to other wall finishes, giving you good value for money in the long run.

The coating protects the walls. The coatings will positively contribute to the mechanical resistance; the side walls are not exposed to direct sunlight and rain which can cause cracking after prolonged exposure. The walls are also protected from chemical elements and water absorption. The coating also protects the walls from damage caused by climate change.

The coatings are magnificent. The use of siding can easily transform an otherwise drab structure into a lively structure; this can easily affect a building’s value upward. Choosing the right siding can be used to provide a versatile but sufficiently rugged construction.

The most affordable house siding materials.

Vinyl siding

It is one of the cheapest coating options on the market right now. It is easy to install and maintain, making it one of the best choices for wall covering.


There are a variety of texture options to choose from, and you can freely choose a texture that best suits your taste.

It is easy to repair and install, and you can also easily attach it to an already existing siding in case you want a change.

It’s easy to clean, just rinse it off with your hose and everything gets shiny again.

The inconvenients

Vinyl cannot be used to renovate historic structures.

It does not have good thermal blocking values. However, you can use it with other thin insulators to improve this.

Vinyl cracks under intense pressure.

Aluminum cladding

It is one of the oldest coating methods still in use today. Through technology and innovation, we have seen a great improvement in aluminum cladding panels.


Aluminum coatings are fire retardant. This will prevent the fire from spreading to other areas.

The use of aluminum leaves tiny, almost invisible joints between the panels. This is different from other coating materials that are on the market.

Although energy intensive during production, aluminum can still be considered environmentally friendly as it is not a petroleum-based product.

The inconvenients

Aluminum transmits thermal energy.

it works easily

Requires professional for installation.

Plywood cladding

It is one of the easiest and fastest coatings to install as it gets on board.


Plywood is extracted from wood; therefore, it will resist thermal changes like expansion and contraction when used as a coating.

A plywood panel measures up to 8 feet; this makes them easy to install.

This does not necessarily require special skills and experience; you can easily install it yourself.

The inconvenients

It doesn’t rank very well as a premium material; this can directly affect the price of your property downward if you intend to sell.

Due to the size of the board, you might need an extra pair of hands to install the plywood panels.

Fiber cement cladding

It is a combination containing 85% cement-based products and 15% cellulose fibers.


Fiber cement siding is fire resistant. In the event of a fire, the coating does not easily spread the fire to adjacent planks or objects.

Fiber cement has a nice, large finish that resembles wood siding.

It also takes pride of place as a premium siding, which will affect the cost of a property on the rise if you plan to sell.

The inconvenients

Fiber cement is expensive; compared to other coatings examined here, fiber cement consumes more as a product and during installation.

Requires professionals to install it. Unless you are familiar with sidings, you might end up acquiring the services of an expert.

Cedar shingle siding

It’s one of the best looking on our list.


The cedar shake ultimately ranks very high as a premium material; it means you get more value for your property.

Cedar shake can easily be combined with other coating materials for a quality result.

The inconvenients

Installation requires skilled labor, which means you will end up paying more.

Cedar shake is neither flame retardant nor fire resistant.


We believe that now you can easily make an informed decision after understanding the different types of coatings available. It is always advisable to seek advice for each project you wish to undertake. Depending on the type of coating you have chosen for your home, we recommend that you seek the advice of a designer or a contractor to find out more about the installation techniques and the various costs. With that said and done, we hope you will achieve the desired result.

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