Does anyone remember these discontinued products being sold in New Jersey?

They start over. Another fast food giant is bend and break. It’s the sexy “Legally Blond” tease.

Taco Bell, who has broken more hearts than Ariana Grande, continues to tease us with its sad Mexican pizza trick.

First, they dropped the classic in 2020 to streamline their menu during the pandemic. Then it was brought back in May 2022 and made big news for answering fan prayers. But they quickly took it back because demand was so high they claimed they couldn’t keep up with supply.

Tacobell on Instagram

Tacobell on Instagram

Shut up Taco Bell. Of course, you knew the demand was going to be great! After all, when it was announced they were bringing it back in May, their CEO wrote, “Our menu is full of fan favorites, but Mexican pizza tops the list.”

Stop this high calorie striptease, will you?! Give us what we want or let us find someone new. It would be the gentlemanly thing to do.

Well now they say he will be back on September 15th. All this teasing makes me crave a Hi-C Ecto Cooler. But they stopped that in 2001.

As we think about the hell that is discontinued products, I have a challenge for you. Watch this video and see how many of these products you even remember seeing in the first place.

McDonald’s used to sell hot dogs? What?!

I only remember two of those 12. The McDLT and the Arch Deluxe. That’s it.

But I will always remember you, Mexican pizza. I can’t stand this roller coaster anymore.

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