Emerald Materials in Henry to sell contents of manufacturing plants

HENRY – Emerald Performance Materials, which closed its four chemical manufacturing sites in July 2021, sells the contents of these plants – either collectively or piecemeal.

Inspection of building contents and the assets themselves is only available by appointment. Items are not auctioned and only reasonable offers should be considered. The liquidation of Emerald’s assets is handled by Industrial Asset Recovery Group. Assets can be viewed online at www.industrial-recovery.com.

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Emerald Performance Materials is the latest in a series of owners of the former BF Goodrich Specialty Chemicals plant. According to longtime plant staff, BF Goodrich began building the multi-process complex in 1956, opening in 1960.

Over the following decades, BF Goodrich transformed the processes and associated factories into different entities. The Specialty Chemicals division was spun off in the 1990s and made a variety of products – from materials in the production of tires to the Geon division which produces polyvinyl chloride, used in products like PVC pipes and house siding .

Geon’s facility was later sold to Mexichem Specialty Resins and later to Vestilite. This part of the plant continues to operate and is not involved in the sale.

In 2001, the Specialty Chemicals Division became Noveon then Lubrisoft. It was eventually purchased by Emerald.

Equipment for an on-site fire brigade at the factory is available for sale.

Roger Bumgardner, a 44-year veteran of Employer Henry, recalled the impact of the BF Goodrich years.

“It was a really good place to work,” he said. “They took good care of their employees and the pay was great. Goodrich did a lot for the community.”

He said the local primary school just down the street had benefited from the company’s philanthropy. “Henry would have been a very different place without the factory.”

To schedule a lot inspection time at the Henry location, contact [email protected], 314-835-2813, or [email protected], 314-835-2812. All reasonable offers will be considered.

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