Fire at vacant house in Warren ruled arson

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) — A vacant house fire in Warren is being called arson.

It happened on Homewood Avenue just before 4 a.m. Wednesday.

Officials said no one was injured, but investigators say it was intentionally fixed.

George “Eddie” Bailey lives next door. His house was damaged by the heat of the fire.

“All of the vinyl siding is pretty much melted. There are a few cracked windows,” he said

Bailey said he first noticed the nearby house on fire around 3:45 a.m.

“Light from the flames was streaming through my window, so I looked over and saw everything burning. I just called 911,” he said.

Chief Ken Nussle said the fire was fully involved when crews arrived.

“The firefighters tried to make an offensive attack, but the floors were starting to crumble by then, so they had to pull back and fight defensively,” he said.

No one had lived in the house for a few years, and Nussle said the house had no utilities.

“I spoke to the State Fire Marshal this morning. They determined the fire was started intentionally,” Nussle said.

A Blue Ribbon Arson Committee sign is posted in front of the charred house reminding people of the possible reward if they pass on information that leads to the person responsible.

“Hopefully if somebody put it in place they can catch the person and prosecute them and put them in jail because basically they are putting people’s lives at risk. The people who live here, as well as the firefighters too,” Bailey said.

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