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Effective firefighting and a nearby pond may have spared a home in Stephen Road, southern Highland County, from the flames that destroyed a workshop late Monday afternoon.

Southern Highland Fire District Chief Kevin Mosely said his Mowrystown department received a fire call at 2771 Stephen Road in Concord Township at 4.28pm on Monday.

When he arrived at the scene, which Mosely described as being about 2,000 down the road, the shop was almost entirely engulfed in flames, numerous propane tanks and compressed cylinders were exploding, and the flames were melting the coating of a side of the house which was about 12 to 14 feet from the workshop.

Mosely said the cause of the fire was being investigated by the state fire marshal’s office, but he suspected it started on the south side of the shop where the damage caused by the fire were more intense. He said the owner of the house, Carl Stone, was welding in the shop, entered the house and later discovered the fire.

“I can’t say that’s the cause because there’s really nowhere to start because of the damage other than it was probably the south side because of the amount of damage on that side. as opposed to the north side,” Mosely said.

He said there were no more walls or windows on the south side, but on the north side the walls and windows were charred but still there.

The house was intact, Mosely said, except for most of the melted siding on the side closest to the workshop.

There was a nearby pond that firefighters were drawing water from to help contain the flames, Mosely said.

“I’m glad that being so far off the road, we maintained a water supply, with the help of other departments, and never ran out,” the fire chief said. “Everything went as smoothly as possible being so far off the road.”

No injuries were reported.

The Joint EMS/Fire District of Paint Creek as well as the Winchester, Wayne Township in Adams County, Lynchburg and Marshall Fire Departments assisted each other.

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Firefighters battle a shop fire Monday on Stephen Road in Concord Township.

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