Government statement: “NexNord products meet the conditions for authorization for UV radiation devices under the CFP ACT

Nexnord has developed a new “UVC LED” technology for air duct ventilation systems. 70 watts at 280 nanometers and 2200 mw of radiant flux kills viruses and bacteria

BRANTFORD, ONTARIO, CANADA, November 18, 2021 / – NexNord Technologies in Brantford, Ont. Developed new UVC LED technology in fall 2020 in response to the government’s request to help fight Covid in any way possible.

The advancement of UVC LED chips has enabled us to produce 70 watt 280 nanometer at 2200 mw radiant flux technology to remove viruses, bacteria and mold in air duct ventilation systems.

The unit simply mounts in the intake part of the air duct directed into the air flow and with 8 ‘of front projection begins the removal process in seconds.
Installing this technology in RTUs or wherever your ventilation system is located allows us to cover an “entire” building from a few locations instead of having to mount other products in each room, which increases installation and maintenance costs.

The Titan unit in the ducts allows for low cost installation, the central maintenance location is “locked-out” and meets all safety standards set by various governing bodies.

The old conventional 254 nanometer UVC lamp technology, ineffective against the virus, is now replaced by safe and powerful LED technology.
Titan LEDs do not contain lead or mercury like other products, the whole fixture is cradle to cradle i.e. fully recyclable, does not require special removal and disposal costs and is rated at 9-10 years depending on ventilation times.

In addition, our control packages allow on / off monitoring, readings of each individual LED, voltage input, CO2 detection and reading and much more. We can integrate virtually any control technology a business needs, combine it with their existing dashboard, and enrich it as needed.

These controls allow remote viewing in a control room, in your car or at home and immediate alarms will signal a problem wherever you are, which is essential for maintenance personnel.

Installations are underway in the United States, Canada, Dubai and the United Kingdom as the technology is recognized as the best solution to combat viruses, bacteria and mold. We are also working with partner technologies to form a strong team to continue to eliminate the existing one, but also to prepare in the long term for what will follow in the future.

We work with filter manufacturers because they realize that a filter cannot catch all pathogens like Covid because it is only 11.1 microns in size and the variants are even smaller, faster and travel further. Additionally, the filter now becomes a BioHazard filled with any particles it catches and requires full PPE, special disposal, and associated costs. One of our partners has created a special disposal bag for filters which, after use, biodegrades and disappears – without landfill.

Schools, long-term care are the main targets of viruses and everyone now knows that viruses are airborne and air ventilation is a main vector, which is why we have adopted the technological approach. that we must avoid before it begins.

A great example is the Unisus International School in Summerland, British Columbia, Canada, where we have installed 14 units to cover a large school. It was extremely important for Unisus to protect their teachers, their staff and in particular the students who arrive from all parts of the world. What is important to them is that we now have the government’s approval for acceptance under the Pest Management Act and we will be approved for everyone else as well.

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