Holcim sees the need for green building measures and products

HOLCIM Philippines Inc. continues to accelerate the adoption of innovative building materials and practices for the sake of the environment and to deliver superior building performance to support the country’s sustainable progress.

Holcim Philippines has emphasized at two recent events the importance of moving faster to these options and its willingness to provide such solutions to preserve natural resources as the country builds critical structures for development.

At the Swiss Innovation Expo on October 27, 2022, Holcim Philippines Chief Executive Officer Horia Adrian spoke about the need to change construction practices to ease the pressure on the environment, as the Continued economic growth drives greater construction activity.

He noted that building the structures needed for development to current standards will continue to consume large amounts of natural resources, so it is essential to embrace a circular economy in construction, in which materials used such as demolition waste are reused as inputs for new structures.

Adrian said Holcim Philippines stands ready to help government and private sector partners build better and more with less through its growing line of blended cements and other low-impact building solutions.

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“We recognize that the construction sector has a considerable environmental impact. As one of the largest players in the building materials industry, we have a responsibility to lead the way in providing solutions that help our partners continue to contribute to development in a sustainable way,” he said. he declares. .

Adrian added the importance of using the right cement for the right application, to minimize the waste of natural resources.

“The future of construction will need to shift from the traditional take-make-waste approach to the new reduce-reuse-recycle paradigm and embrace the circular economy to reduce the use of natural resources,” he said. -he declares.

Adrian noted that Holcim Philippines already supplies the market with specialist blended cement options such as Holcim Solido for roads, Holcim Excel for general applications and Holcim Wallright Prime for masonry. He pointed out that Holcim has made available in the Philippines ECOPlanet, its most environmentally friendly cement with a carbon footprint at least 30% lower than that of traditional portland cement.

In addition to gaining support from local builders to switch to blended cements, he also recommended that the government take the lead in using green products in infrastructure projects and drive policies that enable more adoption. of the latest construction innovations such as recycled aggregates.

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