IBS software to help Lufthansa Cargo digitize the management of special products and services


Lufthansa Cargo will partner with IBS Software to digitize critical handling processes for specialty products and services such as dangerous goods, pharmaceuticals and fresh produce.

The deployment represents significant progress for Lufthansa Cargo’s Mobile Digital Handling initiative which aims to eliminate paper-based processes in all of its operations by digitizing tasks as well as process controls by its Ground Handling Agent (GHA) partners.

“Mobile digital manipulation”

It leverages IBS Software’s latest iPartner Handling solution to extend Lufthansa Cargo’s special controls and standard operating procedures (SOPs) to its extensive global GHA network, a spokesperson for IBS Software said.

The solution integrates seamlessly with airlines running IBS Software’s iCargo cloud platform for air cargo management and provides a set of single-access, easy-to-use mobile and web tools that GHAs can use. to perform specialized workflows and tasks.

“A record initiative”

Thanks to the iPartner Handling solution, the rich information captured by the GHAs is made available to Lufthansa Cargo in real time, thereby improving the quality and service levels of all its freight products.

The platform also offers digital connectivity options for GHAs via APIs and has been designed keeping in mind future industry initiatives such as ONE Record from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) which provides a standard for data sharing and creates a single record view of the shipment.

Phased deployment

The deployment has been planned in two phases, the first of which will see the commissioning of more than 30 Lufthansa Cargo stations across Europe, Asia and the Americas, followed by additional stations and several new use cases and improvements added to the solution. The first wave of five stations has already been successfully commissioned.

Jan-Wilhelm Breithaupt, Vice President, Global Fulfillment Management at Lufthansa Cargo, said driving the digital transformation of the industry has always been an ongoing priority for the freight line.

Enable collaboration

“In addition to directly improving data quality and therefore making processes more efficient, the ‘Mobile Digital Handling’ initiative also opens up huge opportunities for us to continue to innovate and improve the way we work with our partners. throughout the supply chain, ”he added.

Ashok Rajan, Senior Vice President and Head of Freight and Logistics, IBS Software, said there is significant momentum in the industry to foster digitization initiatives that enhance partnerships and collaboration in the business chain. supply.

“The iPartner Handling solution takes us a step further in creating a digital ecosystem for our iCargo customers that can help them drive positive business results quickly and efficiently. ”

Next success story

Jochen Göttelmann, CIO at Lufthansa Cargo, said “Mobile Digital Handling” is the next achievement in how the combination of the technological leadership of IBS Software and the innovative capabilities of Lufthansa Cargo are helping to shape the industry.

“As a launch customer, we hope that other cargo airlines will soon join this new community solution. By joining forces, we will lead the digitization of the industry, ”he added.

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