INSTALLED BUILDING PRODUCTS, INC. : Submission of Matters to a Vote of Securityholders (Form 8-K)

Section 5.07. Submitting Matters to a Vote of Securityholders.

The 2022 annual meeting of shareholders (the “Annual Meeting”) of Installed Building Products, Inc. (the “Company”) took place on May 26, 2022. Proxies have been solicited in accordance with the Company’s definitive proxy statement filed with the
Security and Exchange Commission on April 14, 2022. The number of ordinary shares giving voting rights at the General Meeting was 29,275,592 shares, representing the number of shares of the Company in circulation on the record date, March 31, 2022.

The results of the votes described below on each subject submitted to the shareholders of the Company are final:

    a.   The following directors were elected for terms expiring at the Company's
         Annual Meeting in 2025:

Nominee                   Votes For        Votes Against      Abstain      Broker Non-Votes
Jeffrey W. Edwards         24,950,919           1,965,487        3,091               341,948
Lawrence A. Hilsheimer     24,975,770           1,940,283        3,444               341,948
Janet E. Jackson           26,398,541             518,331        2,625               341,948

    b.   The appointment of Deloitte & Touche LLP as the Company's independent
         public accounting firm for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2022 was

Votes For    Votes Against   Abstain   Broker Non-Votes
27,167,779      90,866        2,800           0

    c.   The non-binding advisory proposal to approve the compensation of the
         Company's named executive officers was approved:

Votes For    Votes Against   Abstain   Broker Non-Votes
25,697,875      727,506      494,116       341,948

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