Jessica Davis of Rebuilders Xchange, a hub for salvaged building materials – The Land

Our goal is to franchise and have multiple locations. If we were to do what we are doing now, and if we could have multiples, we could create wealth for everyone. The quality of what we have is so impressive and diverse. Our customers, having access to it, do not have to meet someone in a parking lot. It’s predictable and consistent. Our team is made up of creative people who know how to make things happen.

We worked with the Circular Economy Group (organized by Sustainable Cleveland and Cleveland Neighborhood Progress). One of the goals that we really advocate is to exempt sales tax. If you want to continue building an economy around reuse, it’s already been sold and collected once sales tax. This way we could have an eight percent advantage for our customers.

We also have this idea of ​​creating a special purpose neighborhood in St. Clair Superior for circular economy businesses.

There are other like-minded companies and organizations in this building – Ingenuity, Soulcraft woodworking, Skidmark garage. How did you find this place?

This is the former Osborne manufacturing plant. The owners have created a way for all of us to work together. We all have our independent leases. They took a risk.

I bought some pallet racking and a tow motor from a Kmart that was closing. My buddy delivered it and I had never driven a tow motor, but I didn’t tell him. I was like, ‘OK, can you unload this? Can you move that over there? (laughing)

I have a picture of us the day we signed the lease – this place was empty. We never once announced that people were bringing things. We knew people working on projects had stuff stored in their garages.

I think that’s what’s interesting – it could be the president or it could be the dump truck driver, but there are people who understand that there are materials that have a higher purpose. And anywhere there, Rebuilders Xchange can integrate as a resource.

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