Luna Tiny House will have you sleeping among the stars in style for under $ 100,000

One team that takes mobile life to a whole new level is New Frontier Tiny Homes (NFTH). The name says it all, as this crew is determined to embrace the modern lifestyle and lift it to new heights. How high ? Well you can take the Luna as the perfect example of how this crew likes to operate.

Just to be clear, NFTH is not only known for the tiny homes they build, but also for the level of interior design they achieve in each one. They even went so far as to collaborate with companies like Dunkin Donuts and Disney.

As for Luna, not much is said about what led to the creation of this mobile home. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it looks like one of the coolest, most modern habitats I’ve seen in a long time. However, we are told that the roof and siding is made of standing ribbed seam metal. At the same time, a Typar rain screen and protective film cover the exterior surface to protect the home from the elements.

The exterior is sleek, modern, and has plenty of windows to allow our eyes to wander outside while letting in natural light. Damn, an entire wall is just glass. The remaining walls are for windows and structural protection. Inside, birch plywood lines the walls, while LED lighting brightens up the space.

Overall, the home offers 256 square feet (23.8 square meters) of living space and weighs approximately 13,000 lbs (5,896 kg). Of course, it all depends on what else you bring, but bareback is how heavy your Luna will come in. Worried about moving it? Don’t be, because there is a double axle trailer underneath. It’s a mobile home, after all.

Once inside, the best way to understand what to expect is to visit the gallery or read on. Upon entering Luna, you will find that no comforts of home are missing. The kitchen is equipped with a built-in sink, a residential refrigerator, a toaster / convection oven combination and an electric cooktop. Custom cabinetry and butcher block counters make up the rest of the kitchen. There is a washer / dryer combo to keep clothes clean.

Once the meals are prepared and ready to be enjoyed, head to your living room and / or dining room. Here you can eat your meal while looking at the world through this massive glass wall. You can also add a convertible sofa in this area and be ready to welcome any guests who wish to join you for the night.

Speaking of welcoming guests, the loft, accessed by a staircase, is ready with a king bed, opening windows, and valance lighting. Space to add lockers or storage cabinets is also available. Best of all, there’s direct contact with the world below, just in case you need to move things around without coming down from the sky.

The last feature that any home needs is a proper bathroom. The best way to describe the bathroom that Luna shows is to tell you that it looks like the bathroom in my own house is in need of updating.

A walk-in shower with a glass door provides a perfect place to stay clean. Recessed wall lights provide the perfect spot for your soap or loofah. There is a large vanity with sink and shelves, while a window keeps the space cool.

In order to ensure that you have all the space you need to bring clothes, utensils, food and everything else your life needs, NFTH has added countless storage cabinets and lockers to store all your gifts. Most of the storage is provided by the construction integrated into the staircase.

There is no mention of things like water tanks or electrical systems, but again, no mention is needed. For a starting price of 95,000 USD (84,280 EUR at current exchange rates), you can bet that Luna is ready to put you to sleep among the stars. If you’re looking to go mobile and don’t know where to look, Luna is a house to consider.

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