Machine Gun Kelly buys $7.5 million home in Encino, California

Machine Gun Kelly has splurged on a new seven-bedroom, nine-bathroom home in the exclusive Rancho Estates in Encino, California.

Ohio rapper Machine Gun Kelly has splurged on a new home.

Sources say he spent $7.5 million on a seven-bedroom, nine-bathroom property in the exclusive Rancho Estates in Encino, California.

Many have heard of Encino’s exclusive community because one of music’s talented families lived there: the Jacksons. Michael Jackson’s family compound, Hayvenhurst, was home to all the famous kids until they grew up and broke out on their own.

A more interesting fact than the price of the house is who he bought it from.

The “Emo Girl” rapper’s new home was once owned by YouTuber and podcaster Logan Paul who bought the property in 2017 for $6.6 million.

When the property was put up for sale, Paul wanted to resell it for $9 million, which would have made him a small fortune. It wouldn’t.

The rap/rock star walked away with a steal on what the real estate agent described as an “ultra-private contemporary resort” in a home that has been “completely remastered and remodeled.”


Amenities of the house are a fully equipped chef’s kitchen, formal and informal dining, large swimming pool, lounge and entertaining area, lawn and Grotto outdoor kitchen.

The listing put together by the Altman Brothers further states, “Fitted with reclaimed wood cladding, vaulted ceilings, exquisite lighting, elegant hardwood floors, marble countertops and Italian finishes, the house is a true architectural masterpiece.”

A perfect new start for the Cleveland native and his new fiancée Megan Fox.

As reports, MGK and Fox are madly in love and have engaged in some of the most outrageous rituals to declare their love.

Now they will have their own abode to freak out about if they wish.

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