Most used products by celebrities: ECOLUXE show presents the latest and best products

(Good Things Utah) – Our producer friend from Los Angeles, Debbie Durkin, has produced some of the best celebrity and media shows at the Sundance Film Festival for the past 14 years, but suddenly had to pivot due to the last minute cancellation of in-person events due to Covid-19 virus surge.

Instead of giving up, Debbie simply moved her Covid-secured ECOLUXE Film & Music Experience location from Park City to sunny Beverly Hills last Friday to honor Sundance premieres and awards shows which also canceled live events in nobody, so the nominees had a safe place to go to celebrate their “wins” in the beautiful, eco-friendly outdoor Wilshire Gardens of the Beverly Hilton’s Hotel.

Debbie’s number one priority is everyone’s health safety. She invented the hashtag #EventResponsibly while she was the first producer in the United States to create a live Celebrity Drive-Thru show in the midst of a pandemic with no vaccine in sight in September 2020 to celebrate the primetime Emmy Awards. Since then, she has produced three more covid-safe events moving forward with determination to ensure the correct health mandates are carried out. Here are some photos of the event.

Here are some of Debbie’s favorite brands that have launched and showcased new products…shall we dive in?

1. RevealU Skincare:

RevealU Skincare products are 99% chemical free, designed for all skin types, sensitive skin, ages. Formulated with spring water infused with mineral ions to hydrate and rejuvenate skin without preservatives, fragrances or harsh chemicals. RevealU offers fragrance-free, paraben-free, and vegan-friendly moisturizers, cleansers, acne treatments, highlighters, and conditioners. RevealU Skincare has launched its brand new exclusive skincare tool; REVIVE O3 Activator at ECOLUXE event last Friday.

It’s a celebrity favourite! It is an innovative type of treatment for the ultimate wellness experience for the whole body. RevealU’s REVIVE o3 Activator uses a specialized oxygen generator to produce a chemical-free 99.9% nanoparticle of RevealU’s REVIVE O3 Serum which quickly delivers an oxygenated infusion mist of mineral ions to hydrate, nourish and brighten the skin. The product has been designed to bring a boost of vitality to the skin with a natural ion exchange of oxygen believed to revive skin cells so they can do what they do best, help your skin become beautiful and healthy from the inside.

It is considered one of the top beauty trends of the year and has received numerous beauty industry nominations and awards. healthier alternatives to nourish and protect skin and body.

2. Voice of The Vanishing l Eco Streetwear

“Voice of the Vanishing” is a local Utah-based clothing company specializing in sourcing and selling fashionable clothing made from 100% eco-friendly materials – organic cotton and/or recycled materials.

The company exists to help stop the wildlife extinction crisis currently underway. To do this, they donate 51% of their profits to non-profit organizations on the front line to protect animal species from extinction. They selected fifteen species to support those facing imminent extinction. One of them, the majestic African forest elephant, serves as the company’s logo.

The upside-down elephant, like an upside-down flag, is a symbol of serious distress. They believe they can make a difference in the world. The vision is to be the most loved streetwear brand by customers, the first on Earth, and a powerful catalyst to end wildlife extinction. They plan to bring this vision to life by creating stunning products that embody Earth first values, blending trendy fashion and conservation, sparking their customers’ desire to become the voices of endangered wildlife and wild places.

By purchasing high quality, comfortable, fashionable, sustainably sourced and ethically produced streetwear, you are supporting reputable organizations on the front lines of species preservation. Complete your winter wardrobe with:

Social Channels: IG: @voiceofthevanishing

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Magtein® is a unique cerebral magnesium. It helps support clear thinking, focus, productivity, memory, and mood. It was developed by a world renowned brain health expert, patented and clinically studied. Clinical research shows it provides significant improvement in executive function, working memory, attention, and episodic memory.

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4. Amare Global, the mental wellness company

Amare Global, The Mental Wellness Company introduces Happy Juice, a delicious combination of Amare’s top three mental wellness products: EDGE, MentaBiotics and Energy+ in one drink (sugar and caffeine free) to boost your mood, crush your to-do list and enjoy every minute of the day!

  • Supports the overall health of your second brain, your gut*
  • Improves your mental performance*
  • Provides the fuel you need for a highly productive, jitter-free and crash-free day.
  • MentaBiotics® to improve the gut-brain axis to optimize mental well-being*
  • Energy+ to quickly improve brain and physical performance, Retail price: $149.95, or $134.95 on subscription

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5. Spirits BeSpeaken

Bespoken Spirits is a modern spirits house fascinated by the world of craft spirits and we are not afraid to approach it in new and exciting ways, while paying homage to the care and craftsmanship of crafting a spirit quality. Their process deconstructs the traditional barrel aging process and harnesses innovative ways to take the natural elements of spirit and wood and craft our award-winning spirits using 99% less energy, 97% less wood and 20% less of water than traditional aging in barrels. is a nuance that accompanies the development of exquisite flavor profiles that can be enjoyed through our careful extraction and preservation of aroma, color and taste. Their process resulted in over 70 awards in our first two years. We give responsible drinking a whole new meaning. Buy now.

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