Must-Have Products for the Upcoming National Hardware Show Season

Innovative amenities to save water and prepare for disasters

LA VEGAS, June 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The National Hardware Show (NHS) is a place to showcase new products that will solve a problem for customers. From outdoor products to building materials, home gadgets, agriculture, paint, grilling, of course, hardware and more. The NHS outlines upcoming trends in the industry, two such trends for 2022 are water conservation and disaster preparedness. Below are some highlights from the 2022 show.

Save money, water and your trees! With water restrictions and droughts happening across the country, saving water is more important than ever (drought map here). NHS has introduced a few products related to safeguarding our precious natural resources.

  • IRRIGATION: Instead of watering above ground, save over 50% on your irrigation costs with the brand new underground method for watering trees/plants. Drill a hole, attach the root sprinkler to the sprinkler line, adjustable from 9″ to 22″ depending on the tree or shrub, add plugs to control the direction, also can help save pools by guiding root growth. Not to mention saving trees, better for the environment all around, longer and healthier trees and using less water.
  • RAINWATER HARVEST: When the water supply becomes limited, practical solutions can fill the void. Rainwater harvesting systems provide distributed containment of runoff while simultaneously storing water that can be used for irrigation, flushing toilets, washing clothes, washing cars, pressure washing, or it can be purified for use as daily drinking water.
  • WATER FILTRATION ON THE GO: Portable water filters turn any water into drinking water. Whether at home, on the go or abroad. Survivor Filter water filters can remove viruses, bacteria and parasites while reducing most metals and improving the taste of water.

Be ready! Storms, power outages and natural disasters make it more important than ever to be prepared for anything.

  • FLOOD CONTROL: Floods are the number one natural disaster in United States. Protect your home or property in the event of flooding with Quick Dam flood bags and barriers. No need to fetch sand and sandbags from a home improvement store, have Quick Dam bags in your garage and pull them out when needed, they expand and activate on contact with water, magnifying to absorb, contain and deflect the problem. the water.
  • SOLAR GENERATOR: It’s important to have your own source of energy – don’t depend on the grid, invest in a solar powered generator. Generark is a clean energy source (no gas) and can be safely brought indoors (no carbon monoxide poisoning). This emergency power supply can last up to seven days and powers essential medical devices, power tools and communication devices to stay connected during a power outage and disaster recovery time.


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