Naturedesign transforms old materials into sustainable furniture

A leading brand in sustainable furniture design, Naturedesign is now in its third generation and continues to explore ways to fashion modern furniture from century-old woods. Naturedesign, based in Cerea near Verona, Italy, is now led by Thomas Franco, who has created a new collection using traditional artisan techniques from Italy.

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This year the brand showed up at the Salone del Mobile Milano during Milano Design Week 2022, with a new collection of materials including rare reclaimed woods paired with stone, leather, glass and metal in new designs. The company explores the traditional craftsmanship of the region, for example using traditional Murano glassware.

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A cabinet with abstract mirrors nearby

Take the ILL table: the top is reclaimed wood of centuries-old architecture, treated with non-toxic durable paints and set on a glass base cast on cast iron molds. This technique gives this durable material the strong structure needed to support such a large piece of furniture, making it exceptionally strong.

A long wooden wardrobe

The Waterfall table is entirely made of glass, to celebrate the transparency and lightness of the material. The River sideboard is made of reclaimed wood, glass and leather.

Another dining room set with a large window nearby

The Lymph table has a curved shape that evokes biomorphic shapes. Naturedesign uses these pieces to not only explore the structure and form of reclaimed materials and traditional craftsmanship, but also to explore new concepts. In this case, the Lymph table explores a new concept of conviviality.

A dining set with a large wooden table

Naturedesign uses natural materials, artisanal processes and a low environmental impact supply chain including transport designed to limit CO2 consumption. In addition, the pieces of this new collection are designed to be packaged without plastic.

Long wooden cabinet made by Naturedesign

Some pieces from the new collection, such as the Sail table, explore movement, in this case the deployment of sails. Meanwhile, the Waterfall table has a unique rock-like finish on top that creates textural contrast for a unique experience.

Naturedesign production process

Naturedesign’s chairs, like their Bay Wood Armchair, are casual and contemporary with an upscale aesthetic. Soft padding and a curved seat are paired with straight wooden supports for a mid-century modern look.

The company also makes a unique shelf called Stem that hooks to the floor and ceiling for an open floor-to-ceiling shelf that can be used front and back and can bend slightly to accommodate unusual spaces like curved reading nooks and bookcase nooks.

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