Neighbors fear the abandoned house next door could collapse – WPXI

PITTSBURGH — Neighbors on Stadium Street are fed up with an abandoned house and have asked Channel 11 for help.

“It’s scary. Every time we step out of our house, things always fall. Our patio is covered in debris,” said Patricia Bannon.

Bannon and his son Scott say they live in constant danger inside their Sheraden home. They tell Channel 11 that the abandoned house next door is falling apart. There’s a leaning wall inches from falling into Patricia Bannon’s bedroom.

“It will build on the rest of the house. The rest of the house is leaving, it’ll be fine. Chances are it will fall this way because everything seems to come this way,” Bannon said.

Bannon tells Channel 11 that the house sat empty for at least 10 years. But three years ago the roof collapsed, branches started growing in the house, siding started falling off, and then raccoons moved in.

“See them all the time, listen to them all the time. They are constantly fighting with each other, which agitates our dog,” said Scott Bannon.

“The only time we came home, and a raccoon smashed through a window,” said Patricia Bannon.

The Bannons say the city of Pittsburgh sent in inspectors twice, and nothing happened. Channel 11 contacted Mayor Ed Gainey’s office, and they sent this statement. It reads in part: “The PLI department has dispatched its custodial staff to assess the site for imminent danger.”

Patricia Bannon just called us to share that city officials and two Pittsburgh police officers told her the city was planning to demolish the house next door on Tuesday.

The city also told the Bannons they needed to sleep elsewhere Monday night for their safety, so they are staying with their family.

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