PaintPro, House Painters in Austin, offers exclusive interior painting services in Austin, TX

Austin, TX: PaintPro offers exclusive interior painting services to residential customers interested in painting the whole house or a few rooms. Austin interior painters are experienced at giving cabinets, doors, trim, walls and ceilings a new look through detailed painting and using the right products. They also offer other services such as wallpaper removal, drywall repair, texturing, staining and painting of cabinets and other specialty requests to give a new look to the client’s home decor. . For colors, professional painters assist the customer in the selection by providing an ideal color chart to find the right color combination for the project.

In addition to offering a wide range of services, Austin house painters have a streamlined process, allowing the project to be completed within the agreed time frame without compromising on quality. PaintPro organizes supplies first before beginning basic preparations such as drywall repairs, sanding, priming and caulking. The painters then apply the first coat of paint and check the walls and ceilings for imperfections such as nails, tape seams and holes. The final stage of painting includes applying the final coat, checking for touch-ups, removing faucets, and replacing fixtures and covers before cleaning the house.

PaintPro also specializes in exterior painting services, offered to commercial and residential customers interested in changing their property from the outside. Professional painters assist clients with color selection before starting the paint job. It also offers other related painting services, such as pressure washing, which is instrumental in cleaning up chalk buildup, grime, mold, and dirt. The team also apply cleaners to emulsify the dirt, and in case the building has old paint, use paint and thermal razors to remove it. Other services offered by professional painters include securing loose siding, wire brushing, sanding, and exterior paint application.

PaintPro is also experienced in niche painting, such as cabinet painting, where the team repaints the client’s kitchen, laundry room and kitchen cabinets to give the home a facelift. As with other paint jobs, they estimate the cost of the project before choosing colors based on what they want to achieve. If the client is unsure of the color combination, painters are available for consulting services. Also, depending on the complexity and size of the project, the team completes the painting job of the cabinet between 3 and 5 days. However, they handle each project differently for optimal results and, more importantly, to provide clients with value for money.

For professional residential painting, interested customers can call PaintPro at 512-862-7699. Visit the house painter’s website for more information.

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