At CES 2022, Panasonic showcased its latest technologies, partnerships and more. Its booth in main hall LVCC # 16419 is designed for attendees to independently engage with the brand’s latest innovations, offering self-guided tours that include a breathtaking, immersive entertainment experience; new, trend-oriented technical conferences (pre-recorded) with subject matter experts from Panasonic; as well as rich video content and QR codes that connect to product launches and the company’s sustainability initiatives. Through the Panasonic CES 2022 digital experience, Panasonic has highlighted six main areas of discovery, including immersive entertainment, lifestyle technologies, smart mobility, healthy environments, food technology and sustainability. Each area of ​​the site offers visitors the opportunity to explore the latest innovations from Panasonic and learn more about how we are making the world move forward.

Green impact

Learn more about “Panasonic GREEN IMPACT”, a commitment to reducing CO2 emissions generated by its own business operations and its own value chain, as well as expanding our contributions to reduce society’s CO2 emissions.

Panasonic Tech Talks back at CES

The Panasonic Tech Talks return once again with presentations featuring key Panasonic minds and technology partners. The brief discussions are formatted to provide interesting information and inspire reflection on emerging trends shaping industries and society. This year’s Tech Talk lineup will include:

• HUD augmented reality AI

Scott Kirchner, president of Panasonic Automotive, and Gene Karshenboym, CEO of Phiar, will discuss the evolution of heads-up display in augmented reality. They explain how the latest iteration of the AR HUD got even smarter with the integration of AI and recently improved eye tracking features.

• Creation of energy value shared with public services, consumers and electric fleet operators

Hosted by Matt Power, Editor-in-Chief of Green Builder, Mukesh Sethi, Director of Energy Storage at Panasonic, and Dexter Gauntlett, Director of Utilities Consulting, discuss the exciting transition of the utility business model to enable “ prosumers ”- equipped with solar panels, energy storage and electric vehicles – to participate and be remunerated by adding value to the network.

Living in Las Vegas: In-Person Experiences

Panasonic LVCC Stand # 16419

Brand Theater We offer self-guided tours of our immersive entertainment experience in the Brand Theater with content from Illuminarium Experiences created especially for CES 2022 and animated with the latest PTZ cameras and RQ35KU projectors from Panasonic.

Electric mobility experience and test track in the west hall (exterior)

Automobile Zen Rider eBike powered by Panasonic system

Panasonic and Totem USA have teamed up to bring Totem’s first UL certified eBike to the US market. Get your hands on the Panasonic powered Zen Rider eBike with a ride on the CES 2022 electric mobility test track outside of West Hall from January 5-7.

Immerse yourself in digital discovery zones – in booth videos, QR codes and online

Lifestyle Technologies


• Special Edition SoundSlayer WIGSS

Introducing the SoundSlayer Immersive Portable Gaming Speaker System – Final Fantasy Edition (SC-GN01PPFF). Designed in collaboration with SQUARE ENIX® Co., Ltd., this special model comes packaged in a single box and features an exclusive design with both the FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online logo and the iconic meteor logo printed right on the laptop.

• LZ2000 OLED TV

See for the first time Panasonic’s flagship OLED TV for 2022, the LZ2000, available in sizes 55, 65 and, for the first time, 77 inches. Thanks to their Hollywood setting and superb color accuracy, Panasonic OLED TVs have always been the best choice for watching high quality movies and TV series. With new game control board settings, NVIDIA GPU auto-detection, improved 60Hz latency, and HDMI2.1 compatibility, the LZ2000 is also a gaming powerhouse.

Kitchen • Smart Inverter countertop microwave works with Alexa

Providing a hands-free cooking experience, the new Smart Microwave (NN-SV79MS) can be controlled with Alexa using any Alexa-enabled device or the Alexa app. With 69.7% of US smart speaker users using Amazon Alexa1, the NN-SV79MS fits perfectly into the smart home setup of these households.

• HomeCHEF 7-in-1 compact oven

Designed to make the most complicated dishes as simple as the push of a button, the HomeCHEF 7-in-1 (NUSC180B) helps cooks of all skill levels, lifestyles and ages save time and quickly cook a meal. wide range of delicious and healthy foods and easily thanks to the new improved steam and convection functions, as well as a variety of cooking and cleaning programs.

LUMIX® • LUMIX® 20th anniversary

In 2021, LUMIX celebrated its 20th anniversary. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the millions of customers around the world who use our products to boost their creativity, capture highlights and fuel their passions.

Shavers • Arc6 wet / dry cordless electric shaver

Panasonic’s first 6-blade razor cuts four times more difficult, long and flat hairs in a single pass than Panasonic Arc5 5-blade razors. Designed for our growing home care needs, its ultra-fast linear motor, flexible shaving head and responsive beard sensor technology allow for a closer shave while minimizing skin tightness and irritation.

Technics ® • Compact Network CD Receiver SA-C600

The SA-C600, part of the new “Premium C600” series, is the latest addition to the Technics line-up, bridging the gap between compact all-in-one speaker systems, such as the C70MK2, and true separate component systems, such as the C700 and G700 systems.

• EAH-A800 Wireless Noise Canceling On-Ear Headphones

These new headphones combine excellent sound and superior call quality with Bluetooth® Multipoint pairing, bringing together the exceptional technologies and experience that Technics has cultivated over more than 50 years of hi-fi audio development.

Metaverse VR

Shiftall VR • MeganeX

MeganeX is an ultra-light and ultra-compact VR glasses compatible with SteamVR. The surprisingly light weight and the foldable frame with integrated speakers make the MeganeX easy to carry.

• Haritora X

• mute

• Pebble feeling

Intelligent mobility

Automotive • AR HUD 2.0

The first Augmented Reality 2.0 HUD installed on a Panasonic vehicle with exclusive eye-tracking technology integrated via an infrared camera that personalizes real road data in a driver’s field of vision.

• ELS STUDIO 3D® Signature Audio Premium Edition

Experience the highest level of in-car audio performance from Panasonic. Presentation of ELS STUDIO 3D® | Signature Edition premium audio system available on Acura’s new 2022 MDX Type S flagship performance SUV.

OneConnect® • Tropos powered by OneConnect

Panasonic and Tropos Motors, a supplier of eLSV (Low Speed ​​Electric Vehicles), have teamed up to integrate the Panasonic OneConnect vehicle monitoring and management platform into the production orders of Tropos Motors’ ABLE platform in North America and Europe in early 2022.


Creating a more sustainable planet has long been a core part of our company’s mission. From electric vehicles to solar microgrids, our solutions help forward-thinking businesses and governments pursue a brighter, more efficient and more resilient future.

With global energy demand increasing, decisive action is needed on many fronts. In industries such as building and construction, energy and utilities, and automotive, we are making breakthroughs that will have a significant impact on energy use and the health of our environment.

About Panasonic:

Panasonic Corporation is a global leader developing innovative technologies and solutions for a wide range of applications in the consumer electronics, housing, automotive and B2B industries. The company, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2018, operates 522 subsidiaries and 69 associated companies worldwide and reported consolidated net sales of 6,698.8 billion yen for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2021. Committed to seeking new value through collaborative innovation, the company uses its technologies to create better lives and a better world for customers.

About Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa FZE (PMMAF):

Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa FZE (PMMAF) is the regional headquarters, all functions related to sales and marketing, supply chain solutions and customer service, and advertising functions under the Panasonic brand are managed by PMMAF. PMMAF’s vision is to be the # 1 customer-centric company and # 1 preferred brand by customers in the Middle East and Africa region.


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