Pennsylvania House and Senate seating plans released, 30-day public comment period opens

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – State and Senate seat maps were released on Thursday. For a change, Democrats support and applaud them and Republicans voice their concern.

The legislative redistribution commission unveiled the preliminary maps during a hearing. The senatorial version was adopted unanimously by 5-0. But the House version, which majority leader Kerry Benninghoff called a partisan gerrymander, was passed 3-2, with President Marc Nordenberg siding with the Democrats. A 30 day public comment period has started and changes can be made.

“We have heard expressions of discontent today. It would be nice to see how these expressions could translate into concrete ideas for change, ”said Nordenberg.

“Here is an example from the 84th arrondissement. Those of you want to know how the word gerrymandering got started, it was this reptilian-looking card. Well, the 84th District of Pennsylvania, you’ve got a better fueled reptilian map that’s just as gerrymandered, ”Benninghoff said.

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“Decades of gerrymandering in previous redistribution rounds resulted in districts and election results that were not representative enough of Pennsylvania. The preliminary plan presented today significantly corrects the wrongs, ”said Minority Leader Joanna McClinton (D).

You can view and comment on the maps via the link here.

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