“Real value is building products”



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Elon Musk is often accused of manipulating the markets via social media, primarily by giving his unfiltered views on certain crypto coins on Twitter.

The billionaire is a man of few words but can pack a punch in his answers, which became evident yesterday when he sent the Shiba Inu crypto coin into free fall through a one-word Tweet.

An aptly named Twitter account @ShibaInuHolder tweeted Musk asking how much he currently owns of the dog-themed piece.

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Musk coolly replied “None” in a Tweet that has since garnered over 45,800 likes.

According to CoinBase, Shiba Inu has fallen about 6.82% since Sunday’s tweet, to a valuation of around $ 0.00003956 in early Monday afternoon.

The coin hit a record high of $ 0.000044 on Sunday before Musk tweeted, according to Counter.

Musk followed his Tweet on Shiba Inu in a separate thread and shared that he owned bitcoin, Ethereum, and dogecoin and warned his followers not to “bet the farm on crypto.”

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“The real value is creating products and providing services to your fellow human beings, not money in any form,” Musk said boldly.

Musk also made headlines last week when he tweeted a meme based on innuendo about Bitcoin and dogecoin to his millions of followers when Bitcoin hit a record valuation of $ 67,000.

He also previously sent a 65% skyrocketing Shiba Inu coin after posting a photo of a Shiba Inu dog on his Twitter account.

Shiba Inu climbed more than 42.46% before its decline and collapsed so much like 20% in the immediate fallout from Musk’s Tweet before climbing back on Monday.


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