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Rich Products is seeking demolition permits for three West Side properties near its Niagara Street holdings. The properties at 1215 Niagara Street, 878 West Avenue and 882 West Avenue each contain two-family residences. The property at 1215 Niagara Street (aka 54 Gelston Street) has what looks like a historic barn converted into a garage. The West Avenue properties are located south of the proposed Niagara Street Studio Complex film and television production facility.

Rich Products claims that structures are “safety and security risks”.

The building at 1215 Niagara Street has been vacant since 2013 when Rich Products bought it for $ 100,000. Context of the request to the Preservation Council:

  • Important foundations are installed on the north side of the property.
  • The electrical system is hazardous and should not be coded based on an inspection by a licensed electrician.
  • The garage has not been entered for over 3 years due to the risk of collapse. The wooden frame continues to tilt / collapse inward. All doors are blocked due to the collapse of the structure.
  • Property has become a security risk.
Gelston Street Garage
878 West Avenue

878 West Avenue was purchased by Rich Products in September 2020 for $ 210,000.

  • The property suffered severe water damage.
  • Property has become a security risk. We have had homeless people living on the front steps o Burglaries have become a recurring problem. One was successful in 2020 and resulted in vandalism of the property. We have had three break-in attempts in the past two months.
882 West Avenue

882 West Avenue was purchased by Rich Products in February 2020 for $ 130,000.

  • The foundations of the front entrance porch are failing and at risk of collapsing.
  • Mold and water damage is visible throughout the structure. The ceilings are starting to crumble in several areas. Floorboards warp and soft / rotten areas are present.
  • Property has become a security risk. We found homeless people living on the porch and contacted Buffalo Police on several occasions. There have been several attempted break-ins since possession of the property. Vandalism and broken glass are rife.

The Preservation Council will make a recommendation on the proposed demolitions at its Thursday meeting.

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