Selling a Home with Code Violations – We Show You How Connecticut

If you want to sell a house with code violations in Connecticut, but don’t want the hassle of getting permits, hiring a contractor, and spending a ton of money, read on and find out how it can be. fact.

What are building codes and why might I get a code violation

According to Building Code Contractor’s Guide the purpose of a building code is to provide minimum standards of safety, health and general welfare, including structural integrity, mechanical integrity, means of egress, prevention and control of fires and energy conservation.

Some common residential building code violations include:

Zoning violation – Fences above height

Dangerous Building Violations – Safety issues such as the collapse of a building or retaining wall

Housing Code Violation – Maintenance issues such as peeling paint, missing siding, leaky roof, poor ventilation, missing or faulty GFCIs, undersized egress window, etc.

Violation of Nuisance Code – Debris or trash outside property, tall weeds and grass, dead trees on private property

Violation of right of way – Tree branches or overgrown bushes encroaching on the street or sidewalk, broken sidewalk

Construction without a permit violation – electrical, plumbing and mechanical work without the proper permits, structural work including renovation or addition without a permit

Administrative fines and citations for violation of the code differ from municipality to municipality. Quotes can range from $100 to $1000. Fines can range from $100 per day for a first offense to $5,000 per day for repeat offenses.

I have open code violations, what should I do?

Contact your local city’s code compliance department and speak to a code enforcement inspector immediately. Find out why code violations were issued and how much time you have to fix the underlying issues. Also check if you have the right to appeal or request a review.

Showing that you are serious about closing open code violations, most code enforcement inspectors will work with you throughout the remediation process.

If you explain to them that you are going to sell the house, they can even extend you an additional period of time to avoid issuing a citation and imposing fines.

You must disclose if you want to sell your Connecticut home with code violations

Disclosure laws vary from state to state, but regardless of where your home is located, you’ll need to notify potential buyers of any known defects, including code violations.

As a seller, you cannot be silent. You must disclose open code violations and any pending litigation, or you may be liable for fines and costs incurred by a buyer to correct any open violations.

Problems Selling a House with Code Violations to a Traditional Buyer

Selling a home with code violations can be extremely difficult. Most traditional buyers don’t have the experience or the resources to buy a home with serious code violations. Also, most banks will not extend a mortgage until the violations have been corrected.

Sell ​​your Connecticut home with code violations to CT Cash Homes!

A viable option is to sell your home to a “home buying company” such as CT Cash Homes. We are experts in buying homes with code violations, liens, judgments and open permits. We have experience dealing with these complex municipal issues.

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