Teenager cited for accidentally shooting house while hunting deer


(File photo / County 17)

A teenager has been charged with reckless endangerment after shooting down a house while hunting deer north of Rozet last weekend, authorities said on Monday.

MPs were sent to Louie Lane on October 24 after receiving a report from a 49-year-old landlord who said a stray rifle bullet hit his house after a teenager shot a deer with a rifle .308, according to Paul Pownall, lieutenant in the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office.

The teenager, a 13-year-old man, told MPs he shot a deer 76 meters away, after which the bullet ricocheted and hit the 49-year-old’s house, damaging part of the siding, Pownall said.

During the investigation, MPs located the spot where the teenager fired his shot and found that the line of fire was unclear at the time of the incident.

Houses could be seen behind where the deer stood and children could clearly be seen playing outside around them, Pownall said.

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MPs cited the 13-year-old for reckless endangerment and the scene has been turned over to Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) investigators, who may seek additional charges for a possible wildlife violation, according to Pownall.

The deer had been culled in Area 18 of Resident Deer Hunt, an area closed to General Hunting for all white-tailed deer and antler deer on October 20, according to the WGFD.

Of the three permits valid for this zone, one remains in force for the 2021 hunting season and it only allows the taking of white-tailed deer or tawny white-tailed deer on private lands until October 31.

The investigation is currently underway.

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