The 15 Best Products for Damaged Hair

“If hair is dehydrated or over-processed with chemicals or overheated with appliances, the best approach to repair hair is to use professional salon treatments combined with at-home treatments over time,” said hairstylist Michelle Cleveland. “It works best for this type of damage because the treatments penetrate inside the hair shaft to help repair the bonds that make hair strong.

On the other hand, if the hair is broken and split, the best approach to repair it would be to combine the two treatments as mentioned above with regular haircuts. The reason haircuts work better in this case is that once the hair is broken or split at the end, there’s really no way to fix it.”

As Cleveland says, if your hair is really broken and full of split ends, it might be time to schedule a cut– half an inch or more from the ends never hurt anyone. You may also need to space out your color appointments or consider trying a new colorist. Otherwise, there are many products to mitigate the damage. Just look for bond-building products with nourishing and hydrating ingredients like argan oil, peptides, shea butter, and more. I spoke to celebrity stylists to get their thoughts on the best products to revive damaged hair, so keep reading for their recommendations.

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