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Many may say that acquiring a used car is a waste of money, since it will spend more on repairs and all kinds of maintenance.
This does not necessarily have to be this way. If you carefully choose the car you will buy, it will be a more than profitable purchase.

Car history:

Car history:

That the owner presents a list of the repairs that the car has suffered and, if possible, their bills. This way you can check the true status. Antiquity: It is recommended that you are not more than three years old. Mileage:

That the kilometers traveled do not exceed 100 thousand.

Engine: Have a mechanic check the car and check if any part of the engine was replaced. Gas emissions: According to the color of the smoke that the exhaust pipe discharges, it will be confirmed if some parts need to be changed. If it is white and uniform, everything is fine. If it has bluish tones or is black in its entirety, something is not working quite well.

Test drive:

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Turn both right and left at different speeds, test the direction (not too hard), brake at different speeds, accelerate and take note of all kinds of noise that the car can produce. Body: Check if certain parts are darker in color, this shows that it was repaired.

Finally, do not forget to have all the papers in order to request the correct financing. A vehicle loan to acquire your used car is the best option so you can have it instantly and comfortably pay the fees that do not represent a great interest. Remember that to buy a car on credit there are also certain guidelines .
But most importantly, with the Kleinder Sredeyfreds vehicle credit comparator , quote, compare and request if it suits you.

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