What House of the Dragon season 2 based on Fire & Blood could look like?

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for House of the Dragon Season 1 and major spoilers for the Fire & Blood book.Dragon House Season 1 has just ended with its final episode “The Black Queen”, where we saw Rhaenyra (Emma d’Arcy) respond to the Green Council’s Civil War opening salvo. The men around her, including her husband Prince Daemon (Matt Smith) urges her to plunge headlong into battle and war, but with the support of Princess Rhaenys (Eve Best) and Lord Corlys (Steve Toussaint) Velaryon, she remained focused on her duty to serve the kingdom and remain true to the needs of Song of Ice and Fire Prophecy. However, now that her second son, Prince Lucerys (Elliot Grihault) was killed by her enemies, that’s likely to change. So what can we expect to see in House of the Dragon Season 2?


According to the author George RR Martin “It’s going to take four full seasons of 10 episodes each to do Dance of the Dragons justice, from start to finish.” The Dance of the Dragons to which Martin refers is the war of succession between Aegon II (Tom Glynn-Carney) and Rhaenyra Targaryen told in the six chapters named “The Death of Dragons” of her book Fire & Blood. Season 1 of Dragon House mainly served as an introduction to this by presenting the struggles that King Jaehaerys I (Michael Carter) and Viserys I Targaryen (Paddy Considine) had to choose their heirs in the previous chapter of fire and blood titled “Heirs of the Dragon – A Question of Succession.”

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The House of the Dragon season 1 finale has started the dance of the dragons

Dragon House season 1 began its story in the year 105 AD (after the conquest) and ends in early 129 AD, which means it covers roughly a quarter of a century of Targaryen history. This was achieved in just ten episodes primarily through the use of time jumps, including one that jumped ten years between Episodes 5 and 6. While Season 1 did the job of introducing audiences to the world, the characters and the issues they face then this should allow season 2 to tell a much more detailed and in-depth story. The civil war that began with the death of King Viserys on the “3rd day of the 3rd moon” of 129AC did not end until two years later in 131AC. If we are to believe Martin, Season 2 will cover around 6-8 months of this war.

At first, the war between the two sides of House Targaryen was fought with coronations, crows, and words. First, Aegon II is crowned at King’s Landing, then Rhaenyra responds with her own coronation, held at Dragonstone. Both sides attempt to recruit allies by sending emissaries and sons to secure them, and although Queen Alicent (Olivia Cooke) fights for no harm to come to Rhaenyra and her children, the other members of the Green Council disagree with her wishes. Otto High Tower (Rhys Ifan) and their chosen heir Aegon II would love nothing more than to see them all dead, especially if Rhaenyra refuses Aegon’s terms of peace, which she surely will now that Aemond (Ewan Mitchell) killed Lucerys. The war will go from strengthening alliances to a merciless bloodbath, and no one will come out unscathed.

Civil War Will Plunge Every House In Westeros Into War

The other Houses of the Seven Kingdoms will be forced to take sides in Season 2, and while House of the Dragon can alter who sides with whom, in the source material fire and blood some of the main families that sided with the Greens are the Hightower House of the Old Town, the Baratheon House of Storm’s End, the Lannister House of Casterly Rock, and what remains of the Strong House. On the Black side are House Arryn of the Eyrie, House Frey of the Crossing, House Greyjoy of the Iron Islands, House Tarly of Horn Hill, House Stark of Winterfell and House Velaryon of Driftmark – with Lord Corlys to be named Queen’s Hand. House Tully from Riverrun and House Tyrell from Highgarden are battening down the hatches and trying to stay out.

Rhaenyra’s heir, Prince Jacaerys Targaryen (Harry Collett) would once again prove his worth as future King of the Seven Kingdoms by flying to the Eyrie and Winterfell (he also flies to Sisterton and White Harbor in the book) on his dragon Vermax and securing the loyalty of these houses for his mother. In fire and blood he manages to negotiate with Lady Jayne du Val by promising her a Dragon Rider for the defense of his kingdom. Lord Cregan Stark’s son, Rickon Stark, is promised to Jace’s own eldest daughter to marry in order to reaffirm House Stark’s loyalty. There is much debate among the unreliable narrators of fire and blood about what happened when Jacaerys stayed in Winterfell (including a version where Jace married Cregan’s half-sister Sara Snow) and how we haven’t seen any of the Nords or Starks yet in Dragon HouseI hope we can see the TV version of these events at the start of Season 2.

One problem Black will face in the future is their poor strategic position on Dragonstone, which will make it difficult to rally their allies for war. In fire and blood they’re taking a big step to fix it, and we should see it at the start of Season 2. Prince Daemon Targaryen, the king-consort of Rhaenyra, rides to the Riverlands on the back of his blood-red dragon Caraxes to claim the Harrenhal Castle in his wife’s name. Although with the tension between the two in episode 10, it might not be with his permission. It’s a brilliant strategic move, and Daemon (at least in the book) does it beautifully and bloodlessly. He achieves an emotional victory for Rhaenyra by taking over the house of the late Ser Harwin Strong, which upon his death passed to his younger brother Larys Strong, and thus to the Greens. It’s also a tactical victory as Harrenhal is in a perfect position to serve as a rallying point for supporters of the Dark Queen of Westeros.

An eye for an eye becomes the theme of war

Revenge will no doubt feature heavily in Season 2, with Daemon swearing in the books that the Greens will pay for “a son with a son.” The death of Prince Lucerys and his dragon Arrax at the hands of Prince Aemond set off the domino effect and will lead to the deaths of so many beloved and less loved characters because, as we know, revenge for an act of violence, in turn, creates the case for another to seek revenge. As it was the loss of his own eye many years before, it sent Aemond in pursuit of his nephew and unintentionally caused the deaths of so many people.

The revenge that befalls Aegon’s family at the hands of a former City Watch member and a Red Keep rat-catcher named Blood and Cheese is one of the most ghastly events we are destined to see in Season 2. Both Hands Engaged enter Queen Dowager Alicent’s chambers and restrain her, then force Princess Helaena (Phia Saban) to choose which of her and Aegon’s sons will die. This in turn leads to an attempted retaliation by the Greens which will lead to the duel between siblings Ser Arryk and Ser Erryk Cargyll announced in episodes 9 and 10 of season 1.

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Dragon Dance will see major power changes with greens

Otto Hightower may find himself less respected by the heir he worked so hard to make king than he would have expected. He pursues a strategy similar to Aegon’s Hand which he did as Viserys with subtle plots and plans; send crows to homes in Westeros, hire swords and mercenaries, and work in defense of King’s Landing. His grandson the King, a hot-tempered boy who only respects violence, does not appreciate his hard work, and when the Greens, only chance to match House Velaryon, might on the sea, the Greyjoys, do not accept an alliance, he is replaced once more. as Hand of the King. This time by a man far more suited to Aegon’s bloodthirsty temperament – Ser Criston Cole.

We should see Princess Rhaenys riding Meleys again perhaps in the Season 2 finale, when she travels to the aid of Black’s ally Lord Staunton of Rook’s Rest while under siege by Ser Criston Cole. In fire and blood it is a deadly battle, where scorpions are deployed and a trap is set. Rhaenys fights with the Aegon and Aemond brothers on Vhagar and Sunfyre. This epic match leaves many dead, including Rhaenys, and King Aegon II and Sunfyre are seriously injured and will never fully recover. Aegon being too overpowered by Milk of the Poppy after this to rule, his brother Aegon assumes the role of Protector of the Realm and rules in his place.

Future seasons promise more dragons and fewer time jumps

Based on the timeline, we shouldn’t see seed sowing aka red sowing next season. Although Daemon’s actions in Episode 10 seem to suggest we might see this sooner rather than later. Dragonseeds are the supposed bastard children of the Targaryens who live on Dragonstone. In an attempt to utilize the savage, riderless dragons that reside on the island, the Blacks offer knights, land, and wealth to any man or woman who can subdue a dragon. This bloody event will be quite a spectacle if we are lucky enough to see it in Season 2.

Season 2 will have to move more slowly than its predecessor, to cover the content contained in Dance of the Dragons with the complexity that the material, the characters and the audience deserve. Most of the main features of Season 1 have remained true to the source material, but many characters have had their motivations changed or their actions reinterpreted, which changes everything about the story we see unfold on screen and can still affect the outcome. and how viewers will feel about what’s going on. All we know for sure about Season 2 is that there will be a lot of fire, blood, dragons, and death.

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