Which characters are the “easiest” in House Party?

house party is a complex sex game in which you will have to complete many series of quests to get into the pants of the character you like the most. These characters vary greatly in difficulty, and today I decided to try my hand at rating them all! Here is the complete list of characters with whom you can make love, classified according to their difficulty!

For the sake of brevity, I’ll focus on the easiest path to complete with each character rather than each individual path to sex. It should also be noted that this is not a guide on how to have sex with each character, but rather a ranking for them. This list will exclude oral-only scenes, as they are generally easier to obtain, and that would make Frank much higher. So, as a general rule, we’ve only included sex scenes that ended in a cutscene.

#1 — Patrick (female protagonist)

If you played house party Already, that shouldn’t surprise you. Whether you played through the ORIGINAL STORY with the male protagonist and realized Patrick is a sleazy bastard or played as a woman and saw the opportunity to say “Want to fuck?” , you know very well that Patrick is a pervert.

#2 — Brittany (female protagonist)

Brittany’s questline should be fairly straightforward, even for those who don’t know much about the game. do is be nice, and presto, you get sex!

#3 — Derek (male protagonist)

Your best friend, the one who invited you to the party, can’t wait to relax and drink beers with you to reminisce about the past. After learning your wild history with him, and then learning about even wilder situations, things get a little… frisky. Interestingly enough, Derek is the only character you have to get drunk to get into the pants, so at least there’s a good use for your natty lites!

#4 – Ashley

Finally, the first character that doesn’t require a specific gender, Ashley is ready to unzip her loose top (after quickly tightening it…hopefully) and get down and dirty with you. Much like Brittany, Ashley is very fond of being kind, although she is more eager to be with someone who is kind to her than others. She has no outlandish demands other than to side with her against Madison, which is a no-brainer, since Madison is miserable, but that’s for another post!

#5 – Frank

When I first came across Frank’s sex scene, I was confused. Although I understood the steps I had taken to get there, I was still too noob to house party to really piece together what I had done to unlock it. Now that I’m more adept, I found it wasn’t as difficult as I thought. While it takes knowing how to get most characters to reach “Good Friends”, there aren’t any great commands outside of that.

#6 – Katherine

To be honest, I thought Katherine was going to be either the easiest questline or the hardest, because usually the dom-esque aggressive character tends to be hard to get, but the taken character doesn’t do too much noise to cheat. their boyfriends. While hers is fairly straightforward, it requires a little more knowledge of the items strewn around Madison’s house and having listened to Katherine’s chatter to figure out how to do it.

#7 — Rachel

The first time I almost got fucked by Rachael (keyword “almost”), I was puzzled after starting the challenges. You see, when I sent her the “Vickie” challenge, I thought their little game meant she was doing one challenge a day. So after she told me she had an erotic dream about me, I was stuck. Rachael’s quest line is in the more difficult half of the list, as you have to interact with many different characters and lock other paths to get it.

#8 – Lea

When I first saw Leah, I thought she was going to be one of the hardest to finish. She seemed too focused on her work, and frankly, I didn’t know where to begin with her opportunities. You definitely won’t complete Leah’s questline first, as you’ll have to get quite far into the others before you can even unlock Leah’s, which I think was fine with #8.

#9 — Amy

Amy’s difficulty varies depending on whether you’re playing as male or female, but regardless of both, she’s hard to complete. You will first be puzzled by asking for her second recovery item (the condom) as a male or her fourth (the panties) as a female. Despite everything you might want, you can’t lose your house partyginity to her, none of them, in fact. Her treasure hunt is difficult for beginners as Madison’s house and items are an enigma.

#10 — Vicky

Vickie comes close to the top for many reasons. For starters, getting her to the party can be a little tricky, and it requires locking down Rachael’s route and advancing through the others. Second, you need to create an obscure element that is difficult to decipher (the blue flower). And finally, she completely exhausts your orgasm stamina and asks you to increase it, with only a vague explanation of how. You’ll have to use up some of the rare booze in the house and masturbate a few times before you’re ready to take on this porn star.

#11 — Stephanie

Who would have thought that Stephanie would come so high on the list? My first attempt to sleep with Stephanie was to get her criminally drunk, as I tried to see if I could get her to strip completely naked and give me her panties to give to Amy. After this failure, I was perplexed. The truth is, you have to guide her into her medical profession by poisoning Katherine, which you only learn you can do after Amy randomly prompts some dialogue suggesting you do it. How do you get Amy to tell you about Katherine’s poisoning? I have no idea!


Madison made it surprisingly high on my list. Although I avoided her like the plague (she’s vile, I slept with her last, okay?!), once I really tried to have sex with her, I found it to be surprisingly complex. Her blowjob scene isn’t necessarily easy to get either, so it’s not as easy as going the easy route. Although Amy (sort of) walks you through how to create the masterpiece, Madison’s treasure hunt can be confusing to others, just like Amy’s. Other than that, once you’ve finished creating your masterpiece, there’s still a lot to do! I won’t spoiler, but it was a long quest.

#13 — Lety

Ohh Lety, the funniest ending of house party, and easily the most complex questline without any hints. Not only do you have to know how to invite her (which, admittedly, is easier than Vickie), but you also have to keep her once she arrives. Protecting her from Leah and Patrick (as well as protecting Derek from her) requires you to know what to do in different scenarios, and sometimes you have to do… dodgy things. I found Lety’s questline to have the most vague descriptions of how to progress from afar, making it very difficult to complete.

There is our list of house party characters sorted by difficulty! Which did you choose first? Which one did you struggle with the most? Let me know in the comments below!

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