Why products must go through product chemistry testing…

What is Product Chemistry Testing and when is it performed?

Before a food product can be sold, it must go through the product chemical testing process, which assesses the quality and composition of food products to ensure regulatory compliance. This chemical analysis process confirms the content of the food being manufactured, including chemical composition and potential contamination.

Why is product chemistry testing important?

Product chemistry testing is essential to ensure regulatory compliance and to understand the quality and composition of materials used in products. Items analyzed include nutrients (such as sugar, fat, and protein), moisture levels (which can affect product shelf life), and toxic substances (such as mycotoxins and biotoxins). Without thorough product testing, brands cannot provide consumers and regulators with the correct product information, and excluding testing for things like allergens could lead to

illness or death among consumers. If the product is not adequately analyzed and tested, additional risks may arise and affect the brand, including product recalls, legal action and potential harm to consumers.

Build trust in brands with in-depth product chemistry testing

Making sure you partner with a reputable product chemistry testing lab, such as Assurecloud – testing can be performed close to the source with minimal impact on sample transport and storage; ensuring the fastest and most accurate result. Transparency and continuous testing of product chemistry will ensure brands are compliant – and continually work to build and grow a brand reputation based on trust. SM/MC

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