Work begins on a new £ 4.8million primary school in Lichfield

Construction on a new primary school has started at Fradley Park in Lichfield, Staffordshire.

Midlands-based contractor GF Tomlinson is leading the construction of the school, which will provide 210 primary places and 26 nurseries to the area when completed.

The £ 4.8million program is delivered through the Staffordshire County Council Framework and is managed by Entrust. Once completed, the school will be managed by the John Taylor Multi Academy Trust.

The new, free, two-story 1FE primary school will house nine classrooms, a library, dining areas, indoor sports facilities and an outdoor playground. There will also be a MUGA (multi-purpose play area) on the site to allow many sports activities for the students.

The school, which will be completed in July next year in time for the start of the school year in September 2022, is also proposed to expand to 2FE in the future – bringing its capacity to 420 places in primary and 52 in kindergarten through total – to accommodate other planned housing projects in the area.

This is one of two school projects that GF Tomlinson recently started working on – with another primary school in Uttoxeter also underway as part of the Staffordshire County Council Framework.

Chris Flint, Managing Director of GF Tomlinson, said: “We are very pleased to be working with framework partner Staffordshire County Council on the construction of this brand new primary school in Lichfield. We have worked with the Council on a number of construction projects in the past, and are also in progress with another school in Uttoxeter.

“It’s great to meet the demand for more school places in the region. With many new homes coming to the area now, and more planned for the future, we are excited to provide high quality, well-designed educational facilities that will serve the local communities well here, with scope for expansion for meet growing needs in the years to come. “

Jonathan Price, a member of the Staffordshire County Council for Education cabinet, said: “It was great to see the work start there. This new school in Fradley will ensure that there will be enough school places to cope with current and proposed new housing developments. By designing it so that it can be scaled up in the years to come, it means we plan ahead and make sure there is enough capacity to meet any future demand. It will be exciting to see how this new school takes shape over the next few months. “

Mike Donoghue, CEO of John Taylor MAT, said: “We are increasingly excited to provide an incredible learning experience for this community in a beautiful new building. Our curriculum, teaching and care will be second to none – and we thank Staffordshire County Council, Entrust, GF Tomlinson and other community partners for their support. We look forward to applications for children of childcare and foster age with great enthusiasm. We have already seen considerable interest from local families, and we look forward to meeting many of them on our open house morning on the 23rd.e October.”

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