X.LA launches Metamall products to enable revenue sharing

Los Angeles, Calif., July 21. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — X.LA Foundation (https://x.la), the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) changing the way creators, owners and holders of intellectual property generate and earn revenue, has launched its rebranding with a series of products and websites.

Products include a Metamall with building blocks to support content creation and design in the Metaverse, as well as credit card and technology based on NFTs and Revenue Sharing (RSC) smart contracts to enable long-tail revenue generation and distribution.

Shurick Agapitov, CEO and co-founder of the X.LA Foundation, also created his sister company Xsolla, the leading fintech transaction and business engine for video games that is now a multi-billion dollar company supporting the most major gaming companies and industry titles. . He said of the new launch:

“If in Web2 business has benefited from user data, in Web3 we are witnessing the birth of a new economy, in which users will not only own their own content but also monetize it. No one entity can own Web3 – it’s all about the community. That’s why X.LA is a DAO dedicated to empowering creators to earn their fair share. As such, X.LA will play a pivotal role in propelling the new creator economy. »

How it works

X.LA creates services that will become the cornerstone of the Web3 infrastructure. It uses blockchain-based revenue sharing smart contracts (RSC) to automate revenue distribution and payments. The evolution of gaming NFT standards will allow users to create custom RSCs based on their specific conditions and needs. This allows creators to earn revenue across industries and projects when their IP is shared, licensed, and monetized. Royalties are paid via X.LA credit card and funds are received instantly.

These are revolutionary innovations because in the Web3 economy, anyone can become an entrepreneur.

Products to build the new economy

“Metamall” presents the entire X.LA ecosystem with all its products and opportunities. It provides creators with the tools and building blocks needed to create various metaverse elements and components. Using it, they can create, rent, rent and sell virtual real estate in very realistic cityscapes.
“Story3” is an intuitive AI-powered interface that generates content to help users create engaging written and visual storytelling, then monetize it in the metaverse.
Gamified airdrops called “Babka Drops” can be used by creators to engage their communities and for influencer marketing.
“Web3 Hollywood Commerce” are tools that use NFT technology to enable a commerce engine that promotes the storytelling of Hollywood creators – including everything from uncovering opportunities to setting up, developing and distributing transactions for the income generation.

Visit X.LA for details.

About the X.LA Foundation
The X.LA Foundation leverages blockchain and Web3 technologies to empower creators, owners, and holders of intellectual property to better control how their data and intellectual property is shared, licensed, and monetized. .

By democratizing the ownership and management of rights, the X.LA Foundation eliminates the need for costly legal services and levels the playing field between creators and distributors.

The X.LA Foundation team is comprised of media, entertainment and gaming experts with a proven track record of developing and publishing world-class products, software solutions and games that have empowered and entertained consumers, gamers and creators, owners and holders of intellectual property worldwide. .

The X.LA community invites entrepreneurs, creators, influencers, thinkers, inventors, and more to come together to help define, shape, and grow the new future of the Web3 economy.


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